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ELECTRIC HIGH LIFTER. 1-800-535-5303. Page 3. KMH Manual. Part #. Description. KM1. Pin. KM2 Pump cylinder. KM8. Pump piston. KM9. Ball. KM10.
Complete Maintenance and Repair Info for your High Lifter Water Pump. See the Owner's Manual for a more detailed Troubleshooting Flow Chart. All prices
Designation: High Lifter, manual, painted, type OA/116. areas or in areas exposed to high temperatures as this could cause the pump to malfunction,.
Click here to view, print, or download the High Lifter Water Pump Owner's Manual. The High Lifter Water Pump can pump water without electricity. This “no
6 Dec 2016 This manual is primarily concerned with the Harben 'P' Type Pump. constructed High Lift Pump, in addition, general safety and operating
The High Lifter Owners Manual is just for folks who want a printed hardcopy of the Owner's Manual. You can download the pdf for free at Owner's Manual
If the pump has been installed and used according to the instructions in the owner's manual, High Lifter Pump Service will either repair defects or replace the
The High Lifter is a powerful water pump designed to move water uphill without using gasoline or electricity. By harnessing the energy from a head of water, the
Solaram™ Surface Pump. HIGH LIFT SOLAR WATER PUMP. Instructions • Installation & Maintenance. Your pump will fail if not properly installed and