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Traits: good body high, hints of dank and sgood head high, kank, light and dark green, makes you happy, makes you hungry, perfumy smell, some red hairs. Looks: Light and Dark green with some red hairs. Smell: Perfumy with hints of dank and skunk.
10 Jan 2016 Low-grade is rarely distinguished by strain type -- only quality and cannabis experience, you're better off choosing a mid-shelf strain or better.
High Mids, Indica, Sativa. Traits: bright green, dark green, like Reggie with dank, loud and dank hints, perfumy, red and orange hairs, skunky. Good Strain For: stoners who dont want ditch weed but dont want to spend alot of money, it’s pretty good shit!
6 May 2015 Leafly's guide to visually assessing cannabis quality identifies traits and when choosing the best strain for you, including the price, the smell, Also called: Mids, middle shelf, regs, Reggie, beasters, B+, work, and more.
5 Jan 2017 High Mids is a 100% pure sativa hybrid strain with unknown genetics due to how loosely the term is used among cannabis growers. The term
I hear my friends talking about weed, and saying stuff like "that's some pretty mid-grade stuff". I wanted to know, is there a list somewhere of
High Mids Marijuana. Strain Name: High Mids. Grade: B++. Type: Sativa. Looks: Mix of bright green and dark green with some red and orange hairs.
30 Nov 2008 we call mids around here "arizona". mids be smoking real good around but, is there an actual strain name for any type of mid-grade weed?
31 Mar 2017 Mid-grade cannabis typically provides average amounts of THC, often Both high-THC and high-CBD strains can be mid-quality, as the final
3 Feb 2008 There is not a such thing as mid grade pot IMO. Most pot that you If you want a common strain, get something like northern lights. "Mids" have