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Expect to spend a lot of time being lost in OUTCAST -- not necessarily with the controls or on getting around (which are adequately explained in a tutorial at the start of the game), but with what and where to go to next. There's a happy medium between "WTF do I do next?" and "Look a shiny quest arrow!" and OUTCAST
Full walkthrough as orignally written by Jeff "CJayC" Veasey reproduced from GameFAQs for your convenience. Original can be found at How to use SweetFX with Outcast 1.1. by Beretta [Nuclear Winter Gaming]. This quick guide will show you how to setup SweetFX
26 Jan 2005 Find all our Outcast Hints for PC. Plus great forums, game help and a special question and answer system. All Free.
The marker for this mission is on a ledge. Before you rescue the three outcasts, focus on the secondary objective, for which you need to brand any five orcs. If possible, search the single monsters, especially that the branding process takes several seconds. The important piece of information is that only stealth branding
27 Sep 1999 He's the younger Talan wearing the red sash, and he's usually in the house right across from Zokrym's. N: Finish four tests with Jan. You should go through each of the Jan's four tests to get a feel for the game. For each of the tests, ask Jan about the test, follow Jan to the test location, and ask him about that
Outcast 1.1 is an enhanced version of the critically acclaimed action-adventure game developed in 1999 by Appeal for the PC. -30%. $5.99. $4.19. Visit the Store . Guide. Outcast: Прохождение. Данное руководство было написано Аланом Берновским для журнала Игромания. Я внес незначительные изменения.
For Outcast on the PC, GameFAQs has 1 FAQ (game guide/walkthrough).
+ Use this tweaker's guide by Joe Harlow to do some cheating. Outcast Cheats; Thank you for purchasing Outcast. A game really worth buying! Ranzaar. Shooting test: go and shoot at the 3 jars that Jan shows you. Jumping test: climb to the top of the stairs and jump onto