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Step by Step Installation DIY Guide for aftermarket HID Conversion Kit base a Toyota Corolla.
28 Apr 2011 I must be an idiot because I don't know how to do this and the kit came with no instructions. Please help =)
Product Details for Honda Prelude HID Xenon KitXenonSupply HID Conversion Kits come with all the components you will need to convert your dim halogen bulbs into. Honda Prelude HID Kit (Headlight) Please reference to the bulb color temperature guide and ballast information to assist you in your purchase. 4300K
Extremely Simple Installation - Fits Right Into Your Vehicle. Open your vehicle's hood. Open the back cap of the headlight assembly and take out the stock bulb. Insert the LED bulb into the headlight assembly. Plug the LED bulb to power socket. You're done. Installation is as simple as swapping out the bulbs.
18 Feb 2008 So i ordered this HID conversion kit for my 97 prelude and the installation directions were kinda skimpy. Plug and play my ass. I'm having trouble keeping the bulb in the headlight socket and don't know how the oem rubber bulb cover behind the light bulb goes. Basically I need some help in installing this
5 Aug 2011 ok so every thing works but i cant figure out how to secure the hid bulb into the headlight housing its too small for the metal clamp for stock bulbs, and the dust cover will not hold it in place.can any one tell me how they secured there hid bulbs?
29 Apr 2012 I've searched and searched and I can't find any solution to my problem. I'm trying to put an HID kit in my 2000 Prelude. I bought the Xentec H1 kit on.
29 Mar 2011
29 Mar 2008 Bought some hids for a friend of mines prelude. I'm having some problems trying to install the bulb. The oem bulb comes with an adapter piece in order for the bulb to be held in place by the clip. The hid kit doesn't come with the adapter piece. What are some of guys doing for the adapter piece? Part #2 in