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14 Aug 2011 WARNING: Read the ENTIRE instruction manual to become familiar with the features of the product before operating. .. SYSTEM SETUP. Model Type. HELI. Swash Type. 1 Servo Normal. F-Mode Setup. Flight Mode: F Mode. Hold: Hold. FUNCTION LIST. D/R & Expo the Spektrum DX6i, DX7 and DX8.
SPEKTRUM DX6i • RADIO PROGRAMMING GUIDE. hOW TO RANGE TEST ThE DX6I. Before each flying session, and especially with a new model, it is important to perform a range check. The DX6i incorporates a range testing system which, when placed in the RANGE CHECK program and the trainer switch is activated
When I turn on my Spektrum DX6i it beeps and flashes the message continuously: +-+-+-F.MODE-+-+-+. Has anyone else seen this? I looked through the manual and did a google search, but came up with nothing. 14bis
30 Jan 2013 If you turn on the DX6i and all it does is beep and flashes words on screen that say T-HOLD or F-MODE what should you do? The DX6i has a Safety feature that will not allow it to function unless your Throttle Hold switch and your Flight Mode switch are in the 0 (off) Position. This is to keep your transmitter
All switches have to be in forward posission before you turn on the radio. F-Hold means flight mode switch is in stunt mode and T-Hold means throttle hold is on and the radio wont turn on.
Dx6i Manual Mode 1 spektrum dx6i o radio instruction manual 5 en function a antenna b throttle cut c mix throttle hold mode 2 trainer bind mode 1 d rudder dual rate mode 1 dx6i manual mode 1 in undergoing this life many people always try to do best if i follow the dx6i settings in the manual f mode 1 will dx6i flight.
9 Jan 2011 Power on the transmitter while holding the transmitter bind button or switch. Refer to your transmitter's manual for binding button or switch instructions. 7. .. Switch - Trainer. Input Select Gear: Gyro. Gyro. Auto. Rate: SW-F.Mode. AUTO. NORM 0. 0: 77%. STUNT 1. 1: 76%. HOLD 0. Swash Mix. AILE. -100%.
If the LED glows blue in all three flight modes, channel 6 has not been reversed correctly. Use the directions above to reverse channel 6. To use the DXe transmitter with the Blade 120 S, channel 6 must be reversed. To reverse channel 6: 1. While powering on the DXe, hold the left and right sticks in the top-inside corners.
All instructions, warranties and other collateral documents are subject to change at the sole discretion of Horizon Hobby, Inc. For up-to-date product .. Mix/Throttle Hold (Mode 2). Trainer/Bind (Mode 1). D. Rudder Dual Rate (Mode 2). Gear/Flight Mode (Mode 1). E. Aileron Dual Rate. F. Aileron/Elevator Stick (Mode 2).
It's very simple and intuitive to use, just click and roll to scroll through the various menu options. The toggle switches on top of the Tx are Mix/Throttle Hold, Rudder Dual Rate, Gear/F-Mode (flight mode, normal or stunt for helis) and finally the Trainer switch. On the Tx face, the switches are Elevator Dual Rate, Flap/Gyro and