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believe that the ARRL Handbook (1992) list it as 'The Loop Skywire.' Mention is made of it in Electric Radio # 16 indoors !!!) than on their wires outside. Check out and make sure you read the 'Reviews' section. Also useful for toning up the back muscles transporting it to the site. </grin>.
The Wellbrook Large Aperture Loop ALA100LN is a specialist's antenna designed for the Long wave, NDB Band, Medium wave and Short wave DXer.
11 Sep 2005 Y justo ahora que Patricio Banados estaba teniendo una presencia mayor, con sus graciosas lecturas vespertinas del Manual de Carreno y unos .. Last week, KOGO-600 in San Diego was carrying the UBOLA [sic] feed over the weekend too (Brian Leyton, Valley Village, CA DX-398 / RS Loop, ibid.)
Wellbrook Communications Loop Antennas. Loop antennas for outstanding directional radio listening and reception monitoring of medium wave, long wave, short wave and HF DX. Specialists in Broadband Loop Technology. Supplied to professionals and radio amateurs alike.
8 Dec 2015 Mike Richards looks at the Wellbrook ALA1530LN magnetic loop antenna review. Wellbrook Communications of the loop element. As a result, the loop offers extended frequency coverage without any need for manual tuning. The mechanical design of the new antenna has also been improved by.
The Wellbrook ALA1530 is a 1m aluminium loop with a built-in wideband preamplifier. A note of caution before we go any further – it is a receiving antenna only. Do not transmit RF through it, otherwise you will blow the preamp. The ALA1530 has been specifically designed to reduce intermodulation products to a minimum
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The F-LOOP was designed with weight, durability, portability, versatility and cost in mind. The unique craftsmanship of the CHA F-LOOP distinguishes itself from the competition. The antenna is built to last. The unit covers everything between. This is the magnetic loop assembled to stage where it can be put on the air.