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21 Aug 2013 The iOS Design Cheat Sheet is a great resource for iOS designers and guide that should help to get you started with iOS 7 app design.
For designers, the only noticeable design changes are bolder titles and bigger use of cards, as seen in native apps like Music and News. Whereas iOS 7 started
15 May 2014 Anyone who's spent $100 to register as an iOS app developer has already had access to Apple's iOS Human Interface Guidelines. Now, the
iOS 8 & iOS 7 Style Icons A Pleasure For The Eyes. The release of iOS 7 brought about some major changes to the application design guidelines offered by
A consistent app implements familiar standards and paradigms by using system-provided interface elements, well-known icons, standard text styles, and uniform
25 Sep 2017 These design guidelines will help any designer who's building neat . Since iOS 7, app icons have been using the shape of a superellipse.
9 Oct 2013 The design guidelines from Apple for iOS 7 encourage simplicity in design and usability. But the design guidelines do not focus on
27 Aug 2013 The notion of flat, "digitally authentic" design has been a popular topic of iOS 7 Design on; iOS 7 Icon Guides PSD by Alexander
iOS 7 Brings many amazing new features to the iPhone. Both the iPhone and iPad have so many features and options that it becomes a bit overwhelming to