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TX date, 02/12/1997. Copy, RTE. Summary, Report on four ex-political prisoners who served sentences at the Maze Prison - they describe the crimes they committed, life in the prison, and how their lives have been altered by the experience. RTE guide vol, 21. RTE guide issue, 48. Genre/Category, TV Documentary Series
Every year in Britain, more than 600 people commit murder. The majority of these killers will eventually be sent to Gartree Prison in Leicestershire. This Cutting Edge documentary, filmed over six months at HMP Gartree - home to Europe's largest population of life-sentenced prisoners - provides an unprecedented insight
Note: Many of the crime files also have accompaning print guides which are available in government documents. .. Detailing a world where prisoners carry "shanks" and officers respond to violence in full riot gear, this candid documentary reveals what life inside "the big house" is really like. A rare, unprecedented look at
Lifers Behind Bars. The Guardian - The Guide - 2017-11-11 - Tv and Radio -. What's it like to be a long-term prisoner? This fascinating twopart documentary gains access to HMP Shotts in Scotland to hear lifers share their stories. Wed, 9pm, Channel 4
8 Nov 2015 The TV3 documentary entitled The Joy goes inside one of Ireland's largest prisons, including the punishment block and prison landings to show the unflinching reality of The programme was filmed over the course of nine months and will focus mainly on the dangers of everyday life for staff and prisoners.
15 Nov 2017 Two-part documentary exploring what it is like to serve a long-term prison sentence in Britain, from the moment of sentencing through to release. Filmed over a.
12 Jul 2017 Most of the documentaries and things they do never include the 6 counties, I suppose this is to do with filming laws but it never stops TG4. . will never receive a chance because some talentless lifer is talking about how "parenthood changed my life" like seriously, look at the last 3 covers of the rte guide.
25 Jul 2012 The lifers I'm talking about are those who find it next to impossible to let go of a perceived injustice. They will single-mindedly pursue a mission to He had been studying law, and had helped guide his father through the forest of paper that the case had generated. Two years ago the shadow over his life
Documentary series exploring what it's like to serve a long-term prison sentence.
31 Jan 2013 These are the LIFERS - the subject of award-winning filmmaker, Ruan Magan's latest documentary. What would possess you to risk your life in the service of others, for decades, in one of the world's toughest and most dangerous environments? Meet three people who have In prison terms, 30 years is a