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8 Aug 2013 Dragon's Prophet Guardian Guide by Trollwoot. Table of contents: 1. Introduction 2. Question and Answer 3. General Purpose 3.1. Pros and
17 Sep 2013 There are a lot of different attributes in Dragon's Prophet, a total of seven for classes that rely on physical strength (Guardian and Ranger).
Dragon's Prophet: Guardian Guide with Masteries Skills and Combos full commented - Hello everyone, This is a video of me explaining how to play Guardian
"Guardians are heavily armored melee combatants who command a variety of weapons. Their reckless offense includes impact attacks and vicious strikes
31 May 2017 could some people post some builds? thank you ^_^
7 Jun 2015
25 Sep 2013 Dragon's Prophet Basic Guide:(more indepth of class diffrences pros cons)
24 May 2013 Guardian: Power, endurance and protection. The archetypal Guardian Feedback - Dragon God Update [GUIDE] I wanna be the Ermahgerdian (on hiatus).
25 Sep 2013