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One of the important ingredients of the mortar was a volcanic deposit found near Rome, known as pozzolana, which, when the concrete had set, not only made the concrete as solid as the rock itself, but to a certain extent neutralized the thrust of the vaults, which formed shells equivalent to that of a metal lid; the Romans,
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What an ISA defines differs between ISAs; in general, ISAs define the supported data types, what state there is (such as the main memory and registers) and their semantics (such as the memory consistency and addressing modes), the instruction set (the set of machine instructions that comprises a computer's machine
Interface the architecture presents to user, compiler, & operating system. > “Low-level” instructions that use the datapath & memory to perform basic types of operations. > arithmetic: add, sub, mul, div. > logical: and, or, shift. > data transfer: load, store. > (un)conditional branch: jump, branch on condition assembly language
17 Jun 2015 to instruction set extensions in commercial processors (e.g.,. Intel SSE/AVX [12]), which are exploited by Our architecture is not limited to specific types of in- memory computation, but provides a Unit (PCU) is added into each host processor and each vault to facilitate PEIs to be executed in either the