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3. Contents. Preface. Introducing Xserve 7. 1 Xserve Overview 9. Your Server at a Glance—Front Panel 10. Your Server at a Glance—Back Panel 12. Your Server at a Glance—Interior 14 For detailed information about Mac OS X Server and instructions for using it with Xserve, see the other documentation that came with
Chapter 1 Xserve G5 Overview. Your Server at a Glance—Front Panel. Securing thumbscrews (2). Drive module status light. Drive module activity light. Optical drive. System identifier button/light. Enclosure lock and status light. FireWire 400 port. On/standby button and light. Apple Drive Module bays (3). Built-in Ethernet link
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Shutting Down the Xserve with a Keyboard and Display. 15. Shutting Down the Xserve Remotely. 16. Forcing Shutdown from the Front Panel. 17 Chapter 3: Monitoring the Xserve. 17 Checking the Status of Mac OS X Server Services. 17 Checking the Status of the RAID Card Battery. 17 Local and Remote Monitoring.
1. 1. Xserve Overview. The illustrations on the pages that follow provide a reference for the server. (Depending on the configuration of your server, it may look slightly different from the illustrations shown here.) See Chapter 3, “Installing Your Server in a Rack,” on page 23 for details on the mounting hardware and the server's
Follow these instructions to install the Xserve in an equipment rack. Installation Summary. 1 Remove the shipping material. 2 Assemble a pair of slide rails that are the right length for your rack. 3 Install the rails loosely in the rack. 4 Align and secure the rails. 5 Slide the Xserve into the rack. Installing Optional Components
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8 Jan 2008 A An overview of Xserve features, controls, and components, in Chapter 1. A Tips for configuring the Xserve when you start it up for the first time and instructions for routine startup and shutdown, in Chapter 2. A How to check the status of the Xserve, in Chapter 3. A How to update or install the server
3. Contents. Preface. About This Guide 7. 1 Introducing Xserve RAID 9. Unpacking the System 10. Your System at a Glance—Front Panel 12. Your System at a Glance—Back Panel 14. Your System at a Glance—Mounting Hardware 16. 2 Preparing to Install Xserve RAID in a Rack 19. Guidelines for Installation 19.